Aug 25, 2023

Izzy Heltai • Bad Time • 2023

“‘Bad Time’ is about three things: dating someone new, and coming to terms with the fact that if reaching out to them is seen as an inconvenience, they probably aren’t that into you, and realizing you only care because you don’t have that much else going on,” says Izzy. “I’ve been recovering from a broken hip for the better part of this year. It’s the first time in my life I’ve been fundamentally stripped of the ability to do almost everything I love. I couldn’t play shows, I couldn’t bike, I couldn’t even walk for two months. Basically, overnight, I lost the majority of the healthy coping mechanisms to keep my acute anxiety and depression at bay. I was left to sit and stew on my many inadequacies, getting stoned and fixating on all the parts of my life that aren’t going as planned.” 

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