Aug 14, 2023

Lily & Madeleine • "Windowless Bedroom” • 2023

"On their melancholy song "Self Care,"...Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz harmonize over a dreamy piano waltz, surveying the disconnect between a lover’s “beautiful eyes” and “blank stare."
"The thing that flags them as extraordinary is their sibling vocal blend, deep and seamless and relaxed." 
"Their music — a restrained, homespun mix of folk and pop with undeniably sweet harmonies — certainly ranks among the loveliest we've heard."
"Cinematic, swirling, joyous" 

Lily & Madeleine's music has chronicled their coming-of-age as modern women and artists, and the sisters' early folk-pop sound has evolved, with a mature rock edge and their trademark “blood harmony" at the core. Inspired by alternative artists such as Feist, Beck, Lykke Li, and others, Lily & Madeleine are poised to share new music with a new sound later this year.

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