Jan 6, 2022

Ocean Child • "Who Has Seen The Wind?" (David Byrne & Yo La Tengo) • 2022

“…Byrne’s vocals swim over soothing instrumentation…” 
 - Rolling Stone
“…a slew of legendary artists covering the seminal works of Yoko Ono…” 
“As for Byrne and Yo La Tengo, their take on ‘Who Has Seen the Wind?’ trades Ono’s whimsical tone for an eerie, psychedelic vibe. With Byrne on main vocal duties, Yo La Tengo lend a chorus of backing vocals and droning instrumentation, turning the song from an enchanting, almost childlike number to a zen, calming chant.”
- Consequence of Sound

Imagined and curated by Benjamin Gibbard (lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of Death Cab for Cutie), Ocean Child: Songs of Yoko Ono is comprised of 14 all-new versions of Ono’s tracks performed by a diverse range of rising artists and legendary stars including David Byrne and Yo La Tengo, whose collaborative cover of “Who Has Seen The Wind?” is available now at all DSPs and streaming services (listen here) alongside an official lyric video streaming now HERE

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