Jan 22, 2022

Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers • He Loves Me Not • 2022

The album was mastered by Kramer, who just last year resurrected Shimmy-Disc, a label that championed Daniel Johnston, GWAR, Jad Fair, King Missile, the Boredoms and Kramer’s own bands Bongwater and Shockabilly. He refers to Godino as "a genius," and Godino appreciates the support.

"The sound and the colorful imagery invite the listener to a strange, yet fantastic little journey through nature, color and sound. It’s definitely a trip we like to take."

"The 60s girl group formula, and knowing pastiche thereof, is integral to the band’s established sound, but ‘He Loves Me Not’ is a step away from such territory into something more ambitious."
Backseat Mafia

"A new band with a sound somewhat akin to the ghosts of a sixties girl group being channeled through a fuzzy transistor radio."

"'No Place Like Home' lays forth the uncanny, dreamlike sonic aesthetic, complete with glockenspiel and organ. The accompanying hazy music video doubles down on the hypnotic Lynchian vibes."
Cool Hunting


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