Jan 23, 2022

JD Pinkus • Fungus Shui Trinity • 2022

"Pinkus takes the banjo off the porch and in through the back door of that bar you’ve always been a little afraid of but are dying to get into, and proves that despite its innocuous reputation and popularity among many of the more benign and banal up and coming bands, the banjo can be killer when placed in the right sort of hands."

"For fans of the cacophony that the Surfers and the Melvins have wrought through their respective careers, JD’s “spacegrass” stylings are a drastic shift towards the minimalistic and quiet."

Hollywood Life

 "rich in the blues."
Indie Music

"the video gives a thump of colorful attitude to Pinkus’ picking that would make the late Ralph Stanley nod in approval."


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