Oct 2, 2021

dwi • Freak N Out • 2021

Vancouver music scene veteran and bass player for The Zolas, dwi has just released his debut album Mild Fantasy Violence on Light Organ Records. Mild Fantasy Violence is a record about feeling disconnected from the normalities of relationships and society. “It’s about using extremes of both escapism and deep self reflection to come to terms with everyday life,” says dwi.
The album takes the listener through a musical journey where dwi brings together sadness and joy, explosions of love and fear, and warnings of the darkness of addiction and the struggle of supporting the ones you love. Fans of Mac DeMarco, Thom Yorke and Real Estate will jump on dwi’s open vocals, chill synth sounds, and rolling delicate grooves. The songs are personal yet familiar, soothing to the ear, and full of dark hope. dwi has received international airplay and favorable press from music critics in The Province, Georgia Straight, as well as internationally in the UK’s Joyzine and NL’s Music Zine, among others. 

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