Oct 30, 2021

Elephant • Calling • 2021

Sunny melancholy in a major key. That is the sound of 'Elephant', a band that was born in the year in which a virus almost knocked out the music business. The lockdown forced all musicians to reconsider their way of life, and ‘Calling’ is Elephant’s fitting and resilient response: 

“Sure, I’ll work as hard as I can in this life. For a house, a car, a kid and a wife. But I’ll try to build something, out on my own, that can’t be torn down, after I’m gone”

Early 2021, Elephant impressed with their debut EP, with subtle grooves and sobering lyrics. It was picked up by pop journalist Leo Blokhuis (“Something special is happening in Rotterdam” ), several songs were added to the playlist of Amazing Radio (UK/US) and ‘Midnight in Manhattan’ peaked at the 12th position of the ‘verrukkelijke 15’ chart of Dutch national radio.

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