Sep 29, 2021

The Felice Brothers • "Jazz on the Autobahn" • 2021

The sheriff disappeared
He drove in a doomed Corvette
Helen was in the passenger seat eating melon and spitting out the seeds
Feeling happy to be alone but still turning a saxophone 
As cold as stone kinda like

She said this is what the apocalypse will look like
A tornado with human eyes
Poisoned birdbaths and torrents of chemical rain
Like the heads of state hyperventilating in clouds of methane
Sundown on the human heart

And this is what the apocalypse will sound like
But it will be loud as a mushroom cloud
It'll sound like Final Jeopardy
But somehow be ghostly like a glockenspiel
Like the testing of bombs or the tapping of stiletto heels

It'll sound like jazz
Jazz, jazz, jazz
Jazz on the Autobahn

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