Sep 8, 2021

Hannes • Sugar (Live on the roof) • 2021

I don’t know a lot
Itchy, itchy burden
I have done some hurting 
But I know I want you

I can’t reach your phone 
Glitchy, glitchy burner 
I know I have to earn her 
But I don’t know how to

“Sugar is a song about the tribes and tribulations at the beginning of a new relationship and all that comes with it,” Hannes tells Atwood Magazine. “Living together in a studio apartment, eating too much candy, smoking too much and catching late night Uber’s in Stockholm with my new girlfriend. I wrote it with my friend and producer Marcus White who I always work with. The song felt really dull until Marcus found this banjo loop that fitted perfectly in the chorus. Now it’s not dull anymore. I mean, how can something be dull with a fire banjo loop like that.”

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