Aug 19, 2015

Malka - The Constant State - 2015

"One of the best guitar records of the year" - The Revue 

"A sterling example. An impressively aggressive blast, that doesn’t shaft melody in the process. Sounds like if Kevin Shields had decided that MBV really needed a drummer like John Bonham" - Overblown Magazine

“Right at the edge of nugaze, moving it and reshaping it. Somewhere between Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd and Mogwai” 
Producer Marc Joy (Mike Peters, Bernard Butler, Golden Fable)

"A sonic landscape full of psychedelic impressions, stunning emotive shoegaze & dreampop flair" 
Del Chaney, Primal Music Blog / Primal Radio

"Easiest described as shoegaze or dreampop, certainly taking on both genres to beautiful effect" 
Deadly Music

“A brilliant blend of shoegazer, dreampop and post-rock”
Pedro Damian, Shoegazer Alive

"Covering the listener in a soft caress of aural intoxication... melding folds of echoing guitars and synths"
Emerging Indie Bands Blog

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