Aug 24, 2015

A Nero - Hysterical Fiction - 2015

A Nero began in the Winter of 2011 when musician/songwriters, Annie Nero and Josh Kaufman recruited long time co-conspirators Brian Kantor, Jim Smith, and Nate Martinez, as well as fine artist Kara Smith to join in a recording field trip to The Great North Sound Society in Parsonsfield, ME. The old friends, all multi-instrumentalists and songwriters in their own right, got to work quickly and for the five days that followed recorded what would become the foundation of their debut album, Hysterical Fiction. 

The band worked in creative bursts over the next three years, experimenting with textures and combinations of instruments. No gigs or rehearsal, just recording, recording, and more recording. A disproportionate amount of it. Re-thinking, revising, and re-making new versions on top of old versions of songs, harmonizing the new way with the old. Fun music adventures! 

In all it's ethereal, haunting beauty, the songs of A Nero's Hysterical Fiction bloom out of long winters, short summers, and ancient love. 

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