Jul 21, 2015

Other Songs Music Co. - The Songs Are All We Have (Compilation) - 2015

For the past 5 years, we've had the opportunity to record and release some really special records and now we want to take some time to celebrate and dream about whats next. 

THE SONGS ARE ALL WE HAVE is a 20-song compilation of demos, live recordings, remixes, and b-sides. In addition to the digital album, we've also made stickers, buttons, a limited edition poster, and slipmats! The funds raised through these various packages will help us do more. More records, more shows, more songs. 

Our fans, friends, and family have been the reason we've been able to do what we do. 

We're going to keep going, keep recording great songs, and keep releasing great records. Please consider supporting us. 

Thanks for an unbelievable half-decade.

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