Jul 21, 2015

The Heavy Minds - Treasure Coast - 2015

The Heavy Minds, based in Upper Austria, are a Psychedelic-70's-Blues-Trio playing a mixture of heavy, fuzzy riffs, dreamy melodies and spacey solos, which is heavily influenced by bands of the late 60's, early 70's.

Grégoire Guery Holy crap! This album is just so damn good from the very first note to the very last. Trippy blues sung and played with the right amount of soul, grit and talent. Awesome! 

Gezzer Do you remember when you had to pay attention to music? I mean really pay attention? Listen with not only your ears, but your heart and your soul? When a song could pull you in and spit you out a quivering shivering puddle on the floor (with or without smokables)?

Well I remember, and I think The Heavy Minds remember too. If you're looking for background music to fill the soundtrack to your life, move on. If you yearn for music that takes you on a trip, sit and listen awhile. Favorite track: Seven remains.

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