Jul 9, 2015

The Autumn Stones - Escapists - 2015

The Autumn Stones is a dream-folk/alt-pop band from Toronto with an unassuming presence and formidable skillset that appears to be hitting all the right notes as of late, especially with the recent release of their much lauded single “End Of Faith”, bolstering a relatively brief career trajectory and nudging them ever closer towards a much bigger spotlight. And deservedly so by all accounts. Since forming in 2010, this inspired quartet doesn’t seem to compromise when delving into their creative consciousness, a musical alchemy that nurtures and explores the essence of the songs, capturing each as an organically driven, thought provoking journey. There are no ditties or throwaways for effect. These are artists who take an earnest and methodical approach to their craft, who will bide their time and wait for the music to resonate with an audience, because that’s when you have something special that stands the test of time. The lyrics are passages to an engaging narrative, with instrumentation that’s carefully assembled to create a beautifully stark and eccentric sonic environment. Their sound can be compared to seminal 80s groups like Echo & The Bunnymen and The Smiths, although somewhat more refined and cerebral as opposed to unbridled and trailblazing. They’re not attempting to break new ground as much as they are enriching the soil, and the results are a heightened listening experience that soon turns to heightened anticipation for the release of their forthcoming LP Escapists. Rokline

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