May 15, 2014

Maggie Rogers - James - 2014

Too young too thoughtless I said to myself 
with idealistic visions all perched on the shelf 
and I'm still hoping, waiting for you to come home 

May your snowcapped mountains carry you far 
May they stand as protectors wherever you are 
May you stay safe and happy all of your days 

Oh James 

Maybe you're in love or hung up on another 
Maybe you found a far prettier lover 
Maybe you'll paint her a picture like you did for me 

You color your world with that neverland smile 
but it goes dark in pieces every once in a while 
and on my birthday I told you don't worry, there'll be other days 

Oh James 

I'll always be happy if you choose to call 
or write me a letter saying all that you saw 
and how things have changed since our days there on Noxontown pond 

No dont be a stranger No don't go too far 
and though you love places that have lots of stars 
just know in the city you'll always have a place to stay 

Oh James

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