May 18, 2014

Le Rug - Press Start (The Collection) - 2014

Press Start (The Collection) features 5 magnetic and pulsing post-punk releases from Brooklyn's Le Rug (32 tracks overall)-- 3 albums from when Le Rug was more active years ago (Sex Reduction Flower, Party Rock, Sticky Buns EP) and 2 new recent EPs released earlier this year (Dead In A Hole EP, Cut Off Your Dick And Turn Into Slime). The older material is more of the "deep cuts" variety in which the records were short EPs or singles that never saw an official release.

The first glimpse into this amazing collection of songs from one of Brooklyn's finest underground acts is Harold Camping from the A-side and Dead In A Hole from the B-side. Harold Camping, with it's slinky bass line and driving guitars that wind around Weiss' infectious shrieks, is Le Rug at their best: unbridled, pulsing post-punk with a perfect blend of quirky instrumentation and catchy vocals. Dead In A Hole is a brand new Le Rug track about not getting high that morphs from shimmering and pensive to propulsive and angry at the drop of the hat. Both songs show Le Rug's intensity and imagination, and proves Press Start is a must have collection.

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