Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Coppertone - The Bakery - 2014

"Remember why you started". 

Those words are pinned on the studio wall next to where Red (Whom for the past 6 years has gone under her stage Moniker, The Coppertone) has sat working on new music. Musician, antique hunter, writer but most of all an artist. Red has undergone some serious changes and as a result has not released any new material since her 2011 EP "Hymns for the Hollow" & has not played a live show in two years. Triumphant from a split with her former label she decided to start ground up which meant patience, perseverance and oddly enough for the amplified songstress, silence.   

"My fans helped liberate me to really start again, there are not many chances in life when we are so blessed. I knew I needed to honor them and honor myself. It took a lot strength to stop, sit in that stillness and really process everything that had just happened in order to figure out the next right step forward."  

During her hiatus Red wrote over 200 songs.  

"The Bakery is an EP. I'm moving into a new place as an artist, I felt I owed it to my fans to release this. It's a celebration what we accomplished together." 

She is still working on her next full-length release. 

"Everybody progresses, grows, changes… Art has it's own timeline. Right now I am back to work, carefully and passionately putting together my next chapter."

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