May 25, 2014

Lullabier - Osservazione rilassamento e assenza di giudizio - 2014

This is a great release; I have no clue what they are saying, but it sounds awesome.
Check it out over at BC.

After sharing the stage with his masters Low, and releasing a couple of EPs of drone-ambient under the moniker of Firetail, Andrea Vascellari resumes the project Lullabier, in which slowcore experimentation meets Italian songwriting.
His new creation is a concept-album concerning the Chakras, that are the seven energy centers of the human body, as well as the seven stages of human evolution according to the Indo-Oriental doctrine; as usual, through lapidary and metaphorical lyrics, Vascellari cradles the listener on a journey that from the minimalist dream-pop of Animali (muladhara) passes through hypnotical slowcore mantras and ethereal vocal harmonies, to sublimate in the atmospheric shoegaze of Invocazione (Sahasrara), in which seven guitars and seven voices chase each other for seven minutes, representing the contact with the deity. 
Osservazione rilassamento e assenza di giudizio is an opera accessible to most levels, suitable as a lullaby for insomniacs, but even more satisfying for those who want a musical accompaniment for their spiritual quest.

Recommended if you like: Low, Red House Painters, Mazzy Star, Rivulets, Gravenhurst, Coastal, Boduf Songs, Jessica Bailiff

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