Friday, November 9, 2012

The Ocean Blue [1989]

Between Something And Nothing

Words that form a sentence
Words that form a phrase
In a poem or a letter
Could not convey the meaning
Of what this man has done
In a painting
On canvas

As the colors fading
They dictate my mood
Can you see me
Are you near me
I find myself on canvas
I find myself on stage
Can you see me
Are you near me

And I long to know you're real
And I long for you to be part of me
I long to know you're real
And I long for you to be a part of me

In the fading twilight
I sit and stare at her
In all her beauty
Her beauty
You know I have to wonder
Why all great men must die
And leave their treasure
They leave their treasure

At the suggestion of Sire's president and founder, Seymour Stein, the band began recording their first record, The Ocean Blue, in London in December 1988 with producer John Porter (Roxy Music, Billy Bragg, the Smiths), and finished in early 1989 with producer Mark Opitz (INXS, Divinyls). This record captures the youthful heights of the band - both good and bad - and contains the group's most masterful pop tunes. After releasing the record in late summer 1989, the band toured North America extensively, including a tour with label mates, the Mighty Lemon Drops. To the surprised delight of Warner Bros. (and the group) the band's first three singles, "Between Something and Nothing", "Vanity Fair" and "Drifting, Falling" were bona fide hits! on college radio, commercial alternative and modern rock radio stations.

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