Nov 2, 2012

Imaginary Family - The Bird Watcher [2012]

Imaginary Family is the moniker of Joanna Isselé. Just a few years ago, Joanna was given an acoustic guitar as a present. She started writing songs, about delinquent cowboys, lonely neighbours and bird watchers. Being left-handed, she taught herself to play the right-handed guitar upside down. It defines her peculiar sound, which is delicate, unadorned and moving.

Together with Kristof Deneijs (Yuko), she just recorded her very first songs, featured on this debut EP. The first single, The Bird Watcher and its brilliant video already caused a modest stir online and the track has gained daytime rotation on both Studio Brussel and Radio 1. Imaginary Family will be presenting the Hidden Ep as a three piece live band.

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