Nov 9, 2012

Echo and the Bunnymen - Ballyhoo [Best of... 1997]

Always on the fringes of the pop music scene of the 80s Echo & the Bunnymen managed to deliver some great music while remaining relatively off the radar. Perhaps most comparable to Depeche Mode with the combination of dark synth music and gothic tones Echo & the Bunnymen were still a million miles from Depeche Mode's style. They carved their own path with Ian McCulloch's distinctive vocals adding to the band's uniqueness their post-punk sound was not easy to categorise and this lead to a string of top 40 hits throughout the 80s. All of which are collected here on "Ballyhoo" the best of Echo & the Bunnymen. There are some brilliant original songs here like "Silver" and "Seven Seas" and of course "The Killing Moon" plus their cover of the Doors hit "People are strange" recorded for "The lost boys" film soundtrack. This is a really great collection and shows just how talented this band is.

01 Rescue
02 Do It Clean
03 Villiers Terrace
04 All That Jazz
05 Over the Wall
06 A Promise
07 The Disease
08 The Back of Love
09 The Cutter
10 Never Stop
11 The Killing Moon
12 Silver
13 Seven Seas
14 Bring on the Dancing Horses
15 People Are Strange
16 The Game
17 Lips Like Sugar
18 Bedbugs & Ballyhoo

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