Nov 6, 2012

Ripple & Murmur - Reverie [2012]

The word Reverie is used to describe a daydream; to be pleasantly lost in one's thoughts. It is used in music to describe an instrumental piece that brings this dreamy and musing state to life. Reverie is also the aptly titled debut album from Stockholm based duo - Ripple & Murmur.

The songs, which were written using one guitar and two voices, gently paint an aural landscape that effuse solemn melodies and intricate harmonies. The music has quality's similar in vein to the movie soundtrack; stirring thoughts of the great Morricone conducting an orchestra full of American indiepoppers, half drunk country musicians, Balkan woodwinds and Mexican brass whilst a haunting harmony shimmers through all like a ghost from the distant past. Ripple & Murmur's soundscape tells the story of the contrast between city and nature; love and loneliness; dreams and reality; a musical microcosm mirroring what's happening out in the real world. info

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