May 9, 2024

Kee Avil • “Felt” • 2024

Kee Avil labels her music “folk” and, in doing so, challenges the framework of a genre synonymous with tradition. The Montréal singer and multi-instrumentalist has an impressive command over the guitar, which she underlines with unsettling electronics and piano. The end result basks in crinkly murk, the spell occasionally broken by a splash of crystalline fretwork or a bout of impassioned bellowing. Her full-length debut, 2022’s Constellation-issued Crease, melded post-punk, ambient, and experimental textures, hitting like a zap of static from a dark gray blanket. Kee Avil’s new album, Spine, leans further into thorny minimalism. It’s her most tingly and complex body of work to date.  bandcamp album of the day



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