May 30, 2024

ifitbeyourwill S03 E31 • Neutrals

Gearing up for a release party of epic proportions, Neutrals' Allan McNaughton joins the ifitbeyourwill crew for a rollicking good time! This episode dives deep into the making of the brand new post punk, jangle record, "Newtown Dreams," dropping on May 31st. Buckle up as they discuss Allen’s beginnings, the influence of his Scottish roots, and the unexpected twists and turns of band chemistry. Allan even throws in a sneak peek of a brand new single, "That's Him On The Daft Stuff Again" to whet your appetite! Get ready for a journey through musical evolution, architectural oddities, and the power of new music with new band members – all with the signature Neutrals charm. Let's get this party started!

The band's musical touchstones are squarely situated in the timeline of doomed Thatcherism that followed from the late '70s to late '80s. "Wish You Were Here" and "The Iron That Never Swung" jangle with a razor-edged rapid strum to rival The Wedding Present; "That's Him on the Daft Stuff Again" and "Travel Agent's Windows" nod to the Television Personalities' naive, kaleidoscopic mod melodies streaked with cynicism; "Steven Proctor Bus Conductor" slowly unfolds from verses in the dark, rhythm-forward spirit of Josef K to transcendently Pastels-esque pop choruses with sugary-sweet backing vocals from bassist Lauren Matsui. Perfect C86 sounds for often hellish C24 times! - Erika Elizabeth

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