May 21, 2024

ifitbeyourwill S03 E29 • Native Sun

Buckle up for a wild ride through the streets of NYC and the minds of musician Daniel Gomez of Native Sun! In this episode of ifitbeyourwill, we'll be diving deep into their experiences living and creating music in the city that never sleeps. Get ready for stories of early struggles, artistic triumphs, and the unique challenges and joys of being a musician in New York. Plus, we'll be exploring the music that inspires them and the upcoming release of their debut album! Let's get this party started!

“Native Sun want to rattle you to your core. The Brooklyn four-piece have been shredding through the borough for a few years now, delivering ferocious melodies that both nod to classic New York rock iconography, and decimate it with brutal cognizance of the canon's historic lack of inclusivity.”


“Rising through the New York music scene—alongside acts like Sunflower Bean and Geese—Native Sun’s latest track arrives as a venture in “reimagining the sound of white Americana”, and is a slightly twisted take on a familiar sound. Starring direct lyricism, the track builds into a catchy chorus amongst a consistently beating instrumental and sporadic hail of guitar.”

- So Young Magazine

“...full of defiant attitude, thoughtfully crafted twists and turns, and an urgency that compels you to get up and do something.”

- DIY Mag on ‘Always Different, Always the Same’

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