Mar 2, 2023

Sunnsetter • Surely Everything's Alright • 2023

"The jangly ambient track recalls the static riffs and heavenly synths of classic shoegaze acts like My Bloody Valentine, while McLeod’s soft-spoken vocals evoke the acceptance and peace the track speaks of."
Glide Magazine

"This is one of those songs you can get lost in, or pull around you for some extra warmth and feel fine for three-and-a-half minutes [...] if warm, shoegazey textures are your kind of thing then you’re gonna love their new record.”
Backseat Mafia

"Led by a soft and layered guitar soundscape woven together by quiet yet impactful vocals, the track which captures McLeod’s own struggles with accepting who you are and being proud of it, carries a relatable message wrapped up in a comforting instrumentation."

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