Mar 30, 2023

FRANKIIE • Visions • 2023

“Garden” is a culmination of 60’s surf rock and modern psychedelia that melts perfectly with the four-piece’s powerful yet melodramatic vocals.”

“There’s a classic air to FRANKIIE’s new single…'Garden' is a majestic offering from the band, letting vocalist Nashlyn Lloyd shine in the chorus as she revels in the beauty of the natural world. The hazy production suits them well; as the band edges toward each enveloping chorus, the air becomes thicker and the wonder more apparent. Natural beauty is certainly divine, but so are FRANKIIE’s satisfying jams.”
-Consequence Of Sound

"From surf guitars like something from 60's Aki Aleong & the Nobles to Spaghetti western aesthetics, the sounds are dense with cool melodramatic psyche rock flavors but the cream that rises to the top are the vocals themselves, beautiful, powerful and self assured."
-American Pancake

"This Vancouver all-female quartet follows on the promise of it’s 2015 Girl of Infinity EP with an 11 track album that is packed with loud jangly guitars, warped keyboards and loads of echoing, haunting harmonies."
-Vancouver Sun

"Thank goodness for FRANKIIE, the Vancouver-based four-piece whose blend of 60s-soaked surf rock and super-tight harmonies are the perfect elixir [...] 'Forget Your Head' strikes the perfect balance between the band’s predilection for rock’s bygone sounds and swirling psychedelics and their decidedly darker, sombre lyrical tone."

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