Mar 10, 2023

LUMBEROB • "Honey I Sure Miss You" • 2023

Shimmy-Disc shared the first-time vinyl release of I Killed The Monster, an 11-track compilation of songs written by the celebrated American music legend, Daniel Johnston, whose classic LPs 1990 and Artistic Vice were produced by Kramer — the former at his legendary Noise New York recording studio and the latter at Daniel's home in West Virginia — and released on Shimmy-Disc in 1990 and 1991, respectively.

The compilation, originally shared as a CD-only release in 2006, features standout performances of Johnston classic by some of indie music's greatest talents, including: Danielson & Sufjan Stevens, Kimya Dawson, Dot Allison, Mike Watt, Jad Fair & Kramer, Jeffrey Lewis, LUMBEROB, R. Stevie Moore, and more. Kramer produced and mixed most of the songs on the LP, and he himself delivers one of the most startling tracks on this release, Daniel's great masterpiece, "Bloody Rainbow."

All of the songs included on the compilation were re-mastered by Kramer in 2022, and will be available on vinyl for the very first time, and on a limited edition cassette, which will also feature an additional 10 tracks (for a total of 21), from the original 2006 CD-only release.

To celebrate the recent release, today, Shimmy-Disc has shared a lyric video for LUMBEROB's rendition of "Honey I Sure Miss You," created by LUMBEROB himself.

Said LUMBEROB of his take on the track:

"'Honey I Sure Miss You'  is the second song off ARTISTIC VICE, a record I always preferred to 1990, somehow. The 'honey honey' motif in my version has always made me laugh and I am generally hoping that future covers of Daniel embrace the danceability of his grooves as I tried to do here."


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