Mar 28, 2023

Cable Ties • Time for You • 2023

“At once pliable and willful, [McKechnie’s] voice might morph
from a biting howl to a striking vibrato in the span of a verse.” - Pitchfork

“Cable Ties’ songs wrap a clear purpose—its raucous anthems tackle gender inequality, environmental devastation and the flickers of hope that somehow shine through anyway—
in speedball ragers that only gather velocity as they barrel along.” - NPR

“Far Enough takes the most exhilarating form of resistance, much more than riot grrrl's
DIY aesthetic, akin to a harder-rocking Sleater Kinney with a similarly wailing
centrifugal force in singer/guitarist Jenny McKechnie.” - MOJO

“At its loudest and most brash, the album is fun and cathartic on par with any good high-energy rock band. In the moments when punk vitriol meets reflective, thoughtful expression, Far Enough grows more intriguing and compelling.” - AllMusic

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