Feb 11, 2023

Tennis • One Night with the Valet • 2023

“New Tennis music is always cause for celebration, but even more so when their latest offering sounds like a bonus cut from the Drive soundtrack ... Make no mistake: 'Let's Make a Mistake Tonight' is a serve (tennis pun intended).” - MTV News

"'Let’s Make A Mistake Tonight' is a great dose of their memorable, glittering sound that’s heavily influenced by the ’70s." UPROXX

“Tennis turns to smooth, 70s-inflected soft pop on this beautiful, pint-sized ballad, a lackadaisical early-morning mood.” PAPER

“Indie duo Tennis is coming back for our hearts... 'One Night With the Valet' teems with those ‘80s synth-pop flairs that we know and love them for, but is mellowed down to create more emotional resonance. What a way to reenter the game.” V Magazine

"The 10 meticulously crafted pop songs on this album come across light and breezy,

but Tennis rewards a close listen by juxtaposing its smooth sounds

with biting lyrics and clever instrumental detail."

– Associated Press

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