Feb 2, 2023

Sunnsetter • Always Talk, Never Speak • 2023

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, and mixing engineer Andrew McLeod has been releasing music under the name Sunnsetter since 2014. Based in rural Norfolk County, Ontario, they’ve always been a DIY artist, single handedly fusing together every element of their music. And while the creation is entirely them, the music itself draws from various genres; ambient, singer-songwriter, shoegaze, post-rock, slowcore and moves nimbly between them. McLeod wants each song to be distinct. "One of my biggest fears as an artist is to make an album of songs that sound exactly the same," he said.

"Led by a soft and layered guitar soundscape woven together by quiet yet impactful vocals, the track which captures McLeod’s own struggles with accepting who you are and being proud of it, carries a relatable message wrapped up in a comforting instrumentation."

"'Float In Circles' is a fittingly buoyant and dreamy diversion for McLeod, tinged with plush layered synth melodies, shoegaze guitars, and expansive production. The track is an especially strong showcase for McLeod’s talents as a producer and composer, showing off his penchant for cinematic soundscapes."
Under the Radar

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