Feb 10, 2023

Rona Mac • Sense • 2023


“‘Sense’ is a smoky and reflective effort, stripping back Mac’s songwriting to its plaintive resonant core.”

Under the Radar

[On ‘Sense’] “One of those voices and one of those songs that when I heard it just stopped me. Whatever I was doing, I just stopped and had to listen to her.”

BBC Radio Ulster - The Late Show

“Rona Mac's album Sheelah...it's certainly one of the finest albums I've heard...and I would definitely make an argument for it being one of the finest albums to have come out of Wales.”

BBC Radio Wales

“An album written produced mixed and mastered by an outstanding artist in her caravan... meet Rona Mac...an outstanding solo performance. Such a tuuuuuune, Rona!”

BBC Radio 6 Music


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