Sep 18, 2019

The Cordial Sins • "Cruel" • 2019


Atwood - "Returning with an unquenchable fire, leaning into a heavier rock sound defined by overdriven, grungy guitars, unforgiving lyrics, and a magnetic, riot grrrl punk attitude. It’s got the kind of resolute spirit we can’t help but embrace." 

With Guitars - "Delectable meld of alternative, shoegaze and pop”

Born Online - "Bouncy guitar driven pop with rippling synths, emotive undercurrents, bombastic drums, and whirring guitars"

Ghettoblaster - "Grittily fizzing meld of raspy indie rock, melty shoegaze and combatively raw emotion”

The Autumn Roses - "Lush with a serene sense of possibility... leafy and emerald-toned ”


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