Sep 9, 2019

SPOKEN WORD WITH ELECTRONICS • Issue #1 (A Tribute to David Berman, Sept 2019)

A Toast to David Berman
This is the first three-track set for a new series of mine called “Spoken Word with Electronics” - David had agreed to participate in a track, with a suggestion to record in the Winter when he'd returned from tour. Time ran out (love to him) but here’s a piece about these three tracks and the process:…d-project-wi.html
Audio for "The Moon" was completed this month, post-death, as a way of grieving his work and celebrating him. This audio comes from a 2016 performance perfectly titled "The Secret Conversation" — One of only four public readings David ever performed. The entire recently surfaced recording is an incredible gift: — There's a fragile sense to the performance here, particularly in the last two sets of spoken lines, that likely would not have been delivered in a recording booth.
Love to David Berman, Thanks for the bright moments.
More pieces from Spoken Word with Electronics in a few months, but I wanted to post this today.
Peace, Ethan.

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