Jun 19, 2019

Lucy & La Mer • "Blue Dress" • 2019

The Huffington Post called their single Honey, Put Your Weapons Down the "perfect indie pop anthem" and their release “Rebel Babe” has taken listeners by surprise with it’s booming chorus and liberating message. “Rebel Babe” premiered on Billboard.com, with a powerful music video about binary thinking and its effect on our beliefs around sexuality and gender.


June 21 Portland, OR The Hallowed Halls (presented by Future Prairie)
June 22 Seattle, WA Screwdriver (presented by The Seattle Lesbian)
June 27 New York City, NY Pride Event at Brooksfield Place
June 28 San Francisco, CA HoneyHive (Presented by L.Y.R.I.C)
June 29 San Francisco, CA The Knockout (Presented by Uncensored Visionary)
July 8 Los Angeles, CA, Bootleg Theater (Presented by Badass Bands)
July 20 Los Angeles, CA, LA State Historic Park (presented by LA Times)

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