Jun 1, 2019

CURSE OF LONO • Blackout Fever (Live at Toe Rag Studios) • 2019

"...the emotion hanging right at your ear lobes..." -B-Sides & Badlands

"...a stellar new album..." -Blurt Magazine

"Best known for their deeply cinematic blend of harmony-laden Americana and driving, gothic alt-rock, this release offers a more intimate, stripped-back take on some of the band’s existing material." -Elmore Magazine


“We wanted to capture the vibe we get when we're jamming late at night,” explains frontman Felix Bechtolsheimer. “So we booked a couple of days in the studio, invited a few friends down and pressed record. Toe Rag Studios is an incredible place. There are no computers. There’s no technology to tempt you. We just played everything completely live like we do when we’re messing around in our rehearsal room, so what you hear is exactly what was played.”

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