Jun 7, 2019

Slowness • Berths • 2019

"One of the great undiscovereds in contemporary moody effects-driven rock... an absolute gorgeous beauty" – Big Takeover Magazine

"The album comes across like a slow-release drug, gradually washing over you in equally potent doses throughout. This is remarkable and wistful psych-drone-gaze at its best" – Louder Than War

"With dreamy slowcore gaze-rock at its core, seemingly infused with a certain element true to 60s psychedelia... Slowness present stunning tapestries to dream and chill to, with lyrics embodying both dour realism and hope woven throughout" – The Spill Magazine

"As soon as we heard their hypnotic drone-pop, we all immediately fell in love.. their music blew us away" – When The Sun Hits

"A trip wrapped in a dense stereo wall of sound.. an indispensable treat for lovers of shoegaze and post punk deserving of praise" – The Blog That Celebrates Itself

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