Nov 25, 2018

Red Eye - Get Up And Fight - 2018


Red Eye aim to address the lack of protest songs that exists today, compared with the rich tapestry of protest songs and singers of the past. To quote Patti Smith, "it is important ... to communicate, to wake people up ... We all have a voice. We have a responsibility to exercise it, to use it."

inspired by Heaven 17’s ‘(We Don’t Need No) Fascist Groove Thing’, the challenge was on to make a far more up beat track compared with the previous Red Eye songs/melancholic ballads. The result was ‘Get Up And Fight’.

My objective when writing it, was targeting apathy rather than advocating violence. It’s aimed at protesting, mobilising and creating a physical and visual opposition to injustice. As Billy Bragg once wrote “wearing badges is not enough on days like these”. These days, neither is a website/internet petition - we need to “Get Up and Fight”.

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