Nov 1, 2018

Lebenswelt - Metaphysics of Entropy - 2018

Lebenswelt is a one-man project by Giampaolo Loffredo, born in the summer of the year 2003, when his former band – ‘Joy of Grief’ – had already come to an end. Sounds and musical inspirations were pretty much far from the previous project: a real change of direction, towards the segments of the fields, of the trees and the pylons you could have seen through Hood vans' windows. Reverbered guitars, recursive and redundant minimal loops, lo-fi computer glitch-like sounds, ambient textures, sad-folk-chord-progressions submerged in liquid, philosophical excerpts and – above all – a very special use of  screwdrivers-prepared guitars forge Lebenswelt’s melodic, melancholic slow-core/post-rock sound, in a remarkably recognisable fashion.

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