Aug 30, 2016

Advance Base & Hello Shark - Casa Del Popolo - 2016

Advance Base @ First Unitarian Church Side Chapel 08.29.2011 from Breathmint on Vimeo.


Dear Nora “The Lonesome Border, Pt. 1” 
from the LP reissue of Mountain Rock (ORD-24)
Hello Shark “Danny” 
from the LP Delicate (ORD-21)
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone “White Corolla (Version)” 
from the cassette reissue of Etiquette (ORD-19)
Julie Byrne “Holiday” 
from the 7” Faster or Greener Than Now 7” (ORD-04)
Gordon Ashworth “Norma” 
from the CD/LP S.T.L.A. (ORD-07)
Nicholas Krgovich “Let’s Take the Car Out” 
from the LP On Cahuenga (ORD-09)
Advance Base “Summer Music (Live)” 
from the LP In Bloomington (ORD-22)
Lisa/Liza “Century Woods” 
from the LP Deserts of Youth (ORD-23)
Robert Stillman “Time of Waves” 
from the EP Time of Waves (ORD-25)
Concern “Pity” 
from the CD reissue of Misfortune CD (ORD-14)
Advance Base “Abalone Knife/Dwight” 
from the cassette Instrumentals #1 (ORD-05) 

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