Jul 23, 2016

Who's Gonna Build Your Wall?

Life Performance Tom Russell with Michael Martin at Tales from the Tavern, Santa Ynez, California December 2006.

I've got 800 miles of open border
Right outside my door
Theres minute men in little pick up trucks
Whove declared their own damn war

Now the government wants to build
A barrier like old Berlin 8 feet tall
But if uncle Sam sends the illegals home
Whos gonna build the wall?

Whos gonna build your wall boys?
Whos gonna mow your lawn?
Whos gonna cook your Mexican food
When your Mexican maid is gone?

Whos gonna wax the floors tonight
Down at the local mall?
Whos gonna wash your babys face?
Whos gonna build your wall?

Now I aint got no politics
So dont lay that rap on me
Left wing, right wing, up wing, down wing
I see strip malls from sea to shining sea

Its the fat cat white developer
Whos created this whole damn squall
Its a pyramid scheme of dirty jobs
And whos gonna build your wall?

Weve got fundamentalist Moslem's
Weve got fundamentalist Jews
Weve got fundamentalist Christians
Theyll blow the whole thing up for you

But as I travel around this big old world
Theres one thing that I most fear
Its a white man in a golf shirt
With a cell phone in his ear

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