Wednesday, April 29, 2015


"And although the newer songs feel more acutely defined in their structure, the tunes also feel like a natural progression from earlier works. The group's strongest core elements — its attention to sharp lyrics, winning guitar riffs, sweet melodies — are still there. This personal taste and direction make VARSITY unlike many of its local peers. The band formed only two years ago, and yet its music sounds refined and sophisticated, with a level of charisma that would typically be found in a group years older. Fans (new and old alike) will soon reap the rewards." - CHICAGO TRIBUNE 

"Chicago quintet VARSITY humorously describes its music as, “too cute for the punks, to raw for the bubble-gummers," and that, "they’d probably be Iggy Pop’s first choice for his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.” It’s an apt comparison considering in concert, the band takes summery pop hooks and gives them a distinctly rough edge, like if acts like Tennis or Best Coast had more crunchy guitar riffs and piercing rock jams." - CHICAGO REDEYE 

"Well, it's certainly no Sgt. Pepper's." - VARSITY

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