Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rah Rah - Vessels - 2015

Winter is like a house guest who overstays their welcome, but those chilly days can also offer a wealth of nostalgia.

Regina-based indie folk-rockers Rah Rah harnessed this notion on “Good Winter,” the first single from its forthcoming album Vessels, due out later this year (no release date just yet).

“A lot of this album, one of the main ideas that I was working with lyrically was thinking about memory a lot, and home and nostalgia and how time and nostalgia alters the past because we forget,” explains guitarist and vocalist Marshall Burns. “What actually happened doesn’t matter anymore—it’s how it’s remembered, right?”

Burns acknowledges that winter is an unfavourable season, particularly among those on the Canadian prairies, but there are also “fun little memories that are highly romanticized,” like the ones on “Good Winter”—brunch the day after a night spent tobogganing while slightly intoxicated, relationships, skating, hockey and plenty of pints... Vue W.

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