Monday, April 6, 2015

flout - gims - 2015

gims is a collection of songs by the New York based John DeRosso (aka flout). Gradually appearing on his Bandcamp page over the space of 2 months, the album is made up of a collection of yearning, softly sung bedroom pop songs “about being an adult, and coming to terms with a realized faulty version of yourself”. 

Although it seems lazy to draw comparisions to other bedroom pop heroes (Alex G, R.L. Kelly, Gorgeous Bully) the elements that made all of the aforementioned so endearing and excellent are present here. The sound of someone finding their feet whilst making understated pop songs complete with all the perfect imperfections that come with recording at home. As John says himself “I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The constant clearing of my throat, my cat meowing after track 1, the footsteps of my roommates on the hardwood floors present on many tracks, the shouts of seamen on the titanic attempting to avoid an iceberg at the end of track 7, and all of those other “blemishes” encapsulate the cathartic days and nights recording this fledgling body of work.” 

The short running time (11 tracks in just under 22 minutes) leaves you yearning for more and I’ve lost count of the amount of times, I’ve quickly stuck the album on whilst walking somewhere or waiting for something to happen. It somehow achieves the accolade of being one of our most fragile releases but also one of our most self assured and I’m extremely happy to be releasing it.

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