Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bug Martin - Penitence - 2014

Penitence is undoubtedly the theme of the album, but unlike most gloomy folky bluesy boys, the sins of Bug Martin are never directly addressed. I’m still not certain why Bug Martin is now Bug Martin and is not Dead Bugs (I’m told it’s a long story, and I’m not told details). There’s something mysterious about Penitence, something buried in the muck of few microphones recording everything all at once that listeners might spend the rest of the calendar trying to uncover. If Bug wanted us to see the deepest color of his blood, he might have included lyrics to the songs on the bandcamp stream of the album, but a lack of words to read leads me to believe his regrets are singular and secret. Perhaps our biggest regret as listeners is losing touch with the profound variety of feelings that all human beings are capable of feeling, losing touch with the truth that sharing those particular, poignant emotions that can be the only thing that bind us together as a species. Or maybe the dude just needs another drink. I think Bug Martin wants you to feel this record more than he wants you to understand it. Take a listen and feel it out for yourself. BBR

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