Friday, October 10, 2014

Bass Lions - "We Got Guts" - Single 2014

Bass Lions are a magnanimous quintet. Like the five golden rings on the fifth day of Christmas, they're fit for the fingers of god: one glorious fist.

Welcome Back Gentle Destroyer.

Bass Lions make winter music so wherever or whenever you are, get ready: winter is coming. Their sophomore release ... is Diamonds is angular and hard; it is multifaceted; reflective. There Is A Glow. Bass Lions have been through the eye of the needle: winter as a narrow, defining portal-they took with them only what they could. Here are threads, here are bones, here are trees without foliage. Stark, specific, linear. And then repeating.

Bass Lionstake their double-drumming close-singing, organ-swirling, bass-slapping, guitar-clawing show on the road. They play with Malajube, Young Galaxy, Y∆CHT, Bahamas, Yukon Blonde, and Brasstronaut. They crash their van somewhere in the Rockies. They crush their debut More Than Islands nightly and merge its songs seamlessly with those from ... is Diamonds in a smooth and scrabbling, highly syncopated live show that has people craning their necks.

They find hooks where nobody's been looking and they hook you with them.

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