Oct 26, 2013

One for the People Compilation - 2013

Checkout the artists track by track....

01. Yoofs - It's Been Fun

Bournemouth come Londoners Yoofs are all set to show off their debut LP in the not too distant future. Recorded on an offshot during a writing session, the demo's results happen to be near perfect. "Well it's been fun", and yes, yes it has.

02. SALES - EZ

Florida duo SALES are Jordan Shih and Lauren Morgan. One with sparse, clever drum loops and quaint effects, the other with a voice that is of Purity Ring (Megan James) perfection. Less is more, and SALES are more or less pretty great.

03. Horsebeach - Cold Hands

Mancunian Ryan Kennedy and his band Horsebeach know their expertise. With recent tracks showing off the groups ability to craft classic song writing skills that flow and bounce with rhythmic ease. 2014 better take note.

04. Diane Halls - Rupture

Japan is probably the last place you'd might expect this exhilarating, Jack Tatum-like beauty to come from, yet here we have it. We don't know much about young Diane (an alias, naturally), but he's on a roll, and here's hoping he keeps it up.

05. Swiss Alps - I'll Tell You Later

Now with two EP's under their belt, Philadelphia's Swiss Alps are ever dependable, and ever liked. "I'll Tell You Later" is another dose of their quite delectable 'cassette-wave' aesthetic; absolutely perfect for this compilation in every way.

06. Sunny - The Cabin

Sunny - the solo-project of Sean Anthony of Braves - never fails to lighten the mood. In homage to Arrested Development, "The Cabin" is as lo-fi but also as enlightening as it gets. On a side note - Braves will be releasing new material any day now.

 07. Gorgeous Bully - 5am

When Thom Crang, aka Gorgeous Bully, follows up his previous couple of EP's it's going to be something special. Please quote us on that. From one of the best efforts on last years '3.', he's seemingly 'done it' again on '4.' 5.'? Just wait & see...

 08. Flyying Colours - She Leaves 

Melbourne's Flyying Colours' take on MBV-like, reverb drenched shoegaze could possibly be one of the best things we've heard in a ages. This version of "She Leaves" is the scrappy little brother of the EP cut, with every element sounding harder, heavier and altogether more fun.

09. Fallow Deer - Vision 

Brighton's Fallow Deer are raw. But brilliantly raw. This rugged, muddied nugget is the latest (third, actually) from the mysterious south coast dwellers. It's bold, ballsy and brash. Do repeat, many times.

10. Wild Smiles - Ghost Rider

Wild Smiles are like a breath of fresh air. After releasing an impressive EP earlier in the year, they now offer us "Ghost Rider", and it's outright stupendous. Heavy, wild, outrageous and borderline ludicrous. We love it.

11. Blood Palms - Your Scent

The very first outing anywhere in the world wide web for Leicester soloist Blood Palms. A side route for songs that 'don't really fit with his other projects', "Your Scent" is influenced by the likes of The Fall, Sonic Youth & some early Sepultura, and it's pretty mean.

12. Sun Machine - Sadistic Dreams

Part of Aussie 'One's To Watch' Au.Ra, Sun Machine is Tom Crandles' solo-project. "Sadistic Dreams" isn't what the title wants you to believe, although it does possess a rather sadistic undercurrent. It's everything we've come to expect from Tom; psych/shoegaze bliss at it's best.

13. The Death Of Pop - Last

The Death Of Pop, besides having a great name, are clearly a band who are getting better with time. Making hits is becoming second nature almost, with their ever glittering pop melodies and twisted shoegaze flavoring.

14. Joel Hood - Follow The Fool

North Yorkshire's finest returns with his first material since 2012, when "Getaway Car" was buzzed upon like a beacon from the dales. Rest assured, Mr. Hood lives up to all those early expectations with "Follow The Fool", a majestically ambient creation.

15. Motherhood - Hikkimori

From Oxford's (well, ish) factory line of wonderfully talented musicians comes Joe Robinson, aka Motherhood. This sultry peach was recorded at Safe House studios with the helping hands of Trophy Wife, remember them?

 16. Heathers - Fear (acoustic)

L.A upstarts Heathers may be better known for their bursting guitar-pop, but on new song "Fear", they embrace a subtler, more elegant side, proving that there's far more cannons in their arsenal, just in case you were wondering.

17. Sutcliffe Catering Co. - Femme Gut

Straight from Tuscon, Arizona, Sutcliffe CC bring a certain grace to the whole compilation. A demo recorded around the same time of their debut 7" single,  it's a fine way to fade us out, we're sure you'll agree.

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