Oct 12, 2012

Move On Up – A Modernist Compendium [2012]

The latest free CD from the November, 2012 MOJO Magazine captures the fusion of influences that led to the modern Mod movement and its many offshoots. Includes a rare demo from The Jam, as well as a live version of “The Great Depression” (culled from the Deluxe Edition of The Gift). Not to mention the oft forgotten Bruce Foxton.

THE JAM Just Who Is The Five O’Clock Hero (Demo) (2:20)
THE YARDBIRDS You’re A Better Man Than I (3:15)
LEE DORSEY Ride Your Pony (2:48)
LAUREL AITKEN Bad Minded Woman (2:40)
THE BEAT Twist And Crawl (2:33)
PRINCE FATTIE & HOLLIE COOK And The Beat Goes On Dub (3:03)
ANDY LEWIS (Featuring Keni Burke) (Love Is) Alive In My Heart (3:06)
AARON NEVILLE Hercules (4:11)
PAUL WELLER & TERRY CALLIER Brother To Brother (4:12)
THE MOONS Jennifer (Sits Alone) (3:20)
DEXY’S Nowhere Is Home (4:57)
BRUCE FOXTON Number Six (3:14)
WILCO JOHNSON Down By The Waterside (3:15)
THE JAM The Great Depression (Live) (3:17)

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