Oct 30, 2012

Advanced Base - Daytrotter Studio [09-12-12]

These Advance Base songs - recorded with Ashworth (electric piano and vocals), Nick Ammerman (autoharp and bass), Edward Crouse (piano and autoharp) and Jody Weinmann (bass, omnichord, organ and vocals) - are extensions of these sentiments, of these drowsy pieces of milieu that we tend to stuff down inside. They are often the pieces of ourselves - not just these characters - that we can't explain too easily, so we don't try. It's a little like Weinmann sings on "Puppy," "My love for you is like a movie script/It doesn't make sense to my friends when I describe it/My love for you is acquired and it's sweet." These are the moments, under pale light, that happen while the television set is the only sound spilling out of a lonely room. These are their accompanying thoughts.

1. Welcome to Daytrotter
2. The Sister You Never Had
3. Puppy
4. Our Cat
5. Christmas In Milwaukee
6. Sorry To Hear You Got The Blues (Inst…
7. Black Cat (Donkeys Cover)

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