Jan 22, 2012

The Story of The Pogues [2012]

cira 1983

The birth of a band: at a London flat some eight years ago, Shane MacGowan, who had more of his teeth back then, picked up a guitar and started to play an old Irish tune, Paddy Worked at the Railways. He played it fast; he played it very fast, in the best postpunk, frontal-assault style. His pal Spider Stacy clocked MacGowan's hands at "940 light-years an hour." That time, of course, was unofficial. But looking back now, it has become the official beginning of the Pogues...
The Pogues muscled mainstream folk music out of its rut. Their raucous, carefully heedless style opened the way for the Hothouse Flowers, the Proclaimers and the Waterboys, three of the best bands working the newly fertile field of electric folk... time

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